Global Shapers Vilnius Hub initiated an innovation group that carried out a market research and consultation of stakeholders working in the technology and innovation ecosystem. It allowed identifying the key bottleneck for growth – the focus on low-cost service provision. As a conclusion, the group has decided to focus on encouraging local tech sector to aim for high-value based differentiation and communicate the message that (Eastern) Europe has actually has evolved from a low-cost center to a high competence region.

Our project was widely discussed on most influential media outlets, such as: Forbes, World Economic Forum, Huffington Post,, 150sec., 15min and Arctic Startup. Vilnius hub has also established cooperation with 8 Global Shapers community hubs from Minsk, Sofia, Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa for creating a movement towards expanding the Outsharing concept across central Europe.

The leader of the group delivered a presentation on the topic “4th Industrial Revolution” at the “Lithuanian Economic Conference” organized by the journal “Valstybė”. Moreover, outsharing was promoted in an our own arranged event in San Francisco “Using remote IT teams to build stunning products”. The concept was also promoted in one of the leading software development companies conference Outsource People 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Finally, our hub has successfully attracted key partners for the project, such as: Aciety and Waynord Cluster.

Outsharing day

On the 30th of June, 2016 we celebrated the #Outsharing Day!
It was a virtual event on Facebook where people shared tech solutions they admired, which helped them solve huge head-aches or simply made their daily life easier. To connect the hashtags #TechHeals and #Outsharing were used.

The event encouraged more than 140 posts with a total social reach of 160 000 people. It was mentioned by ArcticStartup and The Huffington Post. Different software development companies joined the initiative as well as the largest association of IT companies in Lithuania – InfoBalt.

Outsharing research

In order to promote outsharing, Global Shapers Vilnius together with partners decided to make a research about software development quality and to check to which extent the companies are already practicing the value of outsharing.

More than 60 clients of best software development companies in Lithuania were surveyed with the goal to understand their experience while working with Lithuanian IT companies and how it helped them grow and promote their businesses.

The research is here. It will proceed to the communication and message spread phase.

Žydrūnė Vitaitė

Director of Group Sales at ELDES Co-founder of Women Go Tech initiative

Project Lead: Tomas Pagirys

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