Teachers with Influence

This project is designed to challenge one of the major educational issues in the modern Lithuanian education system – financial reform to support current and upcoming teachers pay nationwide. Currently, Lithuania has a very ambitious plan in place to make teachers profession a prestigious one by 2025, which does take into account the need to raise teachers salaries but does not identify any clear or significant actions that can be taken to provide financial support now, while the reform is fully carried out.

The Global Shapers Vilnius Hub project aims to take an unorthodox approach by identifying the most respective superstar teachers from all major schools nationwide and help them build their digital identities as true educational influencers of our modern times. By enabling student unions and alumni students to take a stand for the teachers they appreciate, the ultimate goal of this project is to help communities support their teachers to build passive income channels via Youtube and Patreon platforms in exchange for their life and educational stories.