Global Shapers Vilnius Hub is proud that Vilnius was chosen to host a regional meeting of Global Shapers from Europe – Shape Europe 2015. During October 1-4, Vilnius was put on map as it gathered more than 150 young activists, entrepreneurs, political figures and media representatives across the world. Future leaders came to the capital of Lithuania to address the challenges and opportunities faced by citizens, businesses and organizations and together solve the most pressing issues.

In 2015 despite on-going globalization around the globe, we still lived between cultural, social and political borders between regions and countries, still limiting the movement of people, ideas and resources across those areas. Considering issues, we faced back then, it was decided that event will be focused on the need to make better use of our mobility, diverse networks and know-how. Therefore, the theme Vilnius HUB has chosen for Shape Europe event was “Global Citizens. Local Challenges”.

Žydrūnė Vitaitė

Director of Group Sales at ELDES Co-founder of Women Go Tech initiative
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