Impact Meetups

A study by Britain’s “Green Match” has shown that due to the increasing temperature fluctuations and frequency of natural disasters Lithuania amongst other EU countries is the most affected by the climate crisis. Nonetheless, the Lithuanian society still questions whether to “believe in” changing climate and what measures take to deal with the problems caused by this global phenomenon. As the Global Shapers Vilnius Hub, we see that in many other cities around the world, young people are much more vocal about the climate crisis as well as climate related challenges, and solutions. Although in Lithuania most of the environment-oriented initiatives are scattered, they do not cooperate or coordinate their activities and in many cases do not bring tangible results. There is a lack of motivated, professional and accessible but at the same time purposeful discussions on sustainability and climate change in Lithuania, which would attract young and motivated professionals for a positive impact. Global Shapers Vilnius Hub understands that climate change is not a challenge that can be solved by a few. Therefore we aim to become the key actor/platform mobilizing expertise and connecting stakeholders to promote practical solutions for sustainable development in Lithuania and abroad. Our mission is to become a leading network platform bringing people together for conversations on sustainability and its environmental, social and economic impact. We are about to launch a series of meetings that invite everyone to discuss sustainability, tell their stories, get acquainted with other like-minded people and provoke the snowball effect within their smaller social circles.

With this project the Global Shapers Vilnius Hub aims at facilitating knowledge sharing (through bi-monthly meet-ups, discussions, events, and workshops); mobilizing action by creating a platform for people to connect and share innovative ideas for impact and encouraging cross-sector collaboration between civil society, private and public sectors as well as academia