We are aiming at being the front runners on talking and initiating discussions on the most trending questions and topics for the youth and the society in our community. Since the very beginning Global Shapers Vilnius Hub attracted youth crowds and prominent speakers in the events like “How I Successfully Failed in Business”, “Role of Religion in Youth’s Life Nowadays”, “Doing Business in the East”, “Shaping Davos: Role of Social Networks in Social Conflicts”, “Gender Equality and Life and Work Balance”, “Youth in the Politics”, “Whom Should We Vote For”, “The Future of Regions”, etc.

Vilnius Hub shapers are active speakers on public panels and conferences in Lithuania and internationally on topics ranging from education, gender equality, regional development, fashion, to block-chain, women in tech, robotics, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution related projects.

Žydrūnė Vitaitė

Director of Group Sales at ELDES Co-founder of Women Go Tech initiative
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