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City Alumni is one of the most successful projects initiated by Global Shapers Vilnius Hub. It is a social platform and an initiative devoted to get together expats, “the global people”, with the locals, “the local people”, from the same home cities, hometowns, and regions who aspire to strengthen bonds with and „give-back“ to their local communities. City Alumni aims to connect people, socialize and spark ideas and actions.

This free of charge social platform works as an application form where each applicant states his/her competencies, motivation to join the program along with suggestions/improvements for their local city.

Think of City Alumni as a bus: if right people gather, then they will agree on the best route and destination together. In fact, City Alumni social network is like a social bus, which brings together active expats and locals, yet members themselves are driving their initiatives in local cities. City Alumni coordinator provides support and expertise on how to build a strong City Alumni club and coordinates activities between the clubs.

City Alumni has a motto of “connecting global people to shape local communities”, signifying the importance of successful and motivated people being able to come back to their local cities to inspire and improve the current economical, political, social, educational or technological conditions.

Some of City Alumni success stories who have been initiated by participants of the programme and the organizers:

Community Festival of Volunteer Initiatives – “10+ Initiatives in 1 Day” (Alytus), The Young Chemists School (Alytus), The Young Economists and Entrepreneur Academy (Alytus), The Annual Economic Forum (started in 2016 in Alytus, also launched in Panevėžys in 2017, Tauragė next), Global Summit of Alytus Citizens (2017, Panevėžys edition to follow in 2018), Return to Your Home School (Šilalė, Utena), What’s afterwards? – Fair on career tips for life choices after school (Gargždai, Jurbarkas), “My home town, where do you go?” (Utena), Neighborhood Day (Klaipėda).

More information about this project:

Žydrūnė Vitaitė

Director of Group Sales at ELDES Co-founder of Women Go Tech initiative
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