Are you between the age of 18 and 27?

Are you currently based in Lithuania?

Are you a leader of your own field?

Commited? Passionate? With ideas how to contribute to your community?


Žygimantas Zabieta

“Global Shapers in Vilnius is a network of people united for the same goal and vision set for the future society. A network that works hand in hand to make an innovative impact that would influence future in a positive way for our communities and communities abroad. By working on broader initiatives, in collaboration with other Global Shaper Hubs located in neighboring countries as much as the other Hubs around the World.”

3 small steps and … you’re a shaper!

  • 1Fill in the online application form together with CV and motivational message
  • 2Wait for evaluation and approval by our team
  • 3Join the hub with your project or contribute to the existing ones!

I agree to disclose my personal data for Global Shapers Vilnius Hub human resources team, needed to perform application screening processes. I accept the general terms and conditions of Global Shapers Vilnius Hub and I am aware that I have a right to withdraw my personal data at any time by contacting Global Shapers Vilnius Hub.